The standard maintenance practice in the elevator industry

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They also knew that certain usage patterns were more likely to lead to breakdowns than people. Digital transformation wasn't about adding sensors; it turned out about capturing tribal knowledge and also matching it to known consumption patterns. The fact is that the majority who buy elevators don't including them. "

The standard maintenance practice in the elevator industry at that time was to monitor equipment and tell building owners when elevators out of cash down.

They take up breathing space, waste time and tend to break up a lot. They knew, for example, that elevator doors will fail on the ground terrain than upper floors. "When you go there to repair it, you're bothersome. "That was the start of our journey, " Striped bass said. passenger's simple, yet new idea was, "We aren't planning to wait for them to break, " Bass said.

"We realized we didn't must put sensors in place; we already had the info, " Bass said.. Predictive maintenance might be all the rage in commercial companies today, but that wasn't the situation four years ago. And there will still be times once the elevator breaks down. Home Lifts Manufacturers It proved much of the necessary files was already locked up inside the heads of the company's elevator professionals

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